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What is my child's age for Baseball?

Open the chart below to determine you child's baseball age.  This will help in signing up for the right division.

Baseball is co-ed
  • Girls and boys are encouraged to play baseball in all divisions.
  •  Start your child in T-ball and/or Coach Pitch
  • If your daughter or son wants to continue playing baseball at higher levels, AWLL will support her or him!  We had 10 girls play Minors last year.   We'd love to see more!
Tee Ball (League Ages 4-6):
  • Anchorage West has an innovative format for T-ball.
  • The format is fast moving  and designed for younger attention spans.
  • Practices are station based and designed to be fun and teach catching, throwing, fielding, and batting.
  • Schedule: Mondays and Wednesdays 6:30-7:30pm.
  • All Practices and Games are at Lyn Ary Park.
Coach Pitch (League Ages 6-8):
  • Players are introduced to the formal game of Baseball.
  • Coaches pitch the ball to batters, or batters hit a ball off a batting tee after a certain amount of pitches.
  • The basics of fielding, throwing and positioning are taught along with the rules of the game.
  • Schedule: Tuesdays and Thursdays 6-7pm and/or 7-8pm.
  • Games will be at Lyn Ary Park.  Practices will be at West Anchorage school fields.
Minors (League Ages 8-11):
  • ​In the Minors, the players pitch and play the formal rules of Little League Baseball.
  • AWLL teams play each other at Lyn Ary Park. 
  • Schedule: TBD.
Majors (League Ages 9-12):
  • Majors is for older, more experienced players.
  • Majors players must participate in Evaluations and will be drafted to teams.  
  • All games will be played at Lyn Ary Park.  
  • Schedule: TBD.

Intermediate (League Age 13)

  • The Intermediate Division is played on a field in between the Little League field and MLB field.  
  • The mound is 50 feet from home plate and the base paths are 70 feet.
  • Anchorage West will play home games at Brotherhood Field  in Spenard.
  • AWLL Senior teams will play against other leagues throughout Anchorage.
  • Schedule TBD.
Seniors (League Ages 14-16):
  • ​Games are played on a full-sized diamond.
  • AWLL will have a dedicated Seniors teams.
  • Home games will be at Brotherhood Field in Spenard.  
  • AWLL Senior teams will play against other leagues throughout Anchorage and Southcentral Alaska.  Road games will be in Anchorage, Eagle River, Palmer and possibly Soldotna/Kenai.
  • Schedule TBD.
Girls Softball:
  • In recent years, AWLL has not been able to field a girls softball team at any division.  If your daughter is interested in softball, please register with AWLL.  Register for the age appropriate baseball division and email us at that you registered for softball.  If we do not have enough girls interested in softball for a team, we have sharing agreements with another league so your daughter can play softball.  Your daughter is also strongly encouraged to play baseball in any division.   Girls play baseball in every division in Anchorage West Little League.  
  • Schedule: TBD.